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Anykinda Workout

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Anykinda Workout

Exceptional, powerful, & customizable workout training.

Create remarkably advanced workouts by putting together easy-to-configure tasks. You can build a complete, custom, & uncommon workout in under a minute.

From the basic standards:
* H.I.I.T.
* Tabata
* 7 minute workout
* etc.

To the uncommon:
* Quarter mile running intervals
* Calorie-based intervals
* Pace-maintenance
* Speedwork
* Heart rate zone training
* Altitude-climbing
* And more
* etc.

And, you can put any combination of them in the same workout.

For example, you could make a workout with quarter-mile running intervals at race pace, with quarter-mile recovery in-between; and include a warmup and cool-down (sample included).

As you perform your workout over time, tweak it to your hearts-content. Rather than just quarter-miles, why not add a set of form-enhancing 200s? Or maybe add a couple of half-mile segments at the end?

* Configurable display (phone & watch)
* Spoken cues to keep you focused
* Works on your Apple Watch
* Close your Activity Rings!
* Apple Health is supported
* iCloud backup
* Full history


Create intervals like never before:
* Multiple-workout types (eg., biking & running, or skiing and archery, or hiking and meditation, or rowing, stair-climbing, & elliptical, etc.)
* Distance-based
* Time-based
* & more

Stand-alone watch app
* Leave your phone at home
* Control music within watch app
* Full route tracking
* Custom display

Sync workouts between your devices
* Easy as opening the workout on both devices and presssing 'play'

Close your Rings
* Course
* Heart rate
* Workout name
* Elevation gain
* & more

Apple Health
* Read and write relevant health data

* Interval names
* Interval expectations
* Mile/Kilometer markers
* Encouragement

* Specific details
* Including color-coded course
* Backed up to iCloud

* Build your workout to your needs
* Choose what’s shown on the screen
* Name your workouts
* Choose colors and names of interval tasks

Fully operational samples included
* Duathlon (running & biking)
* Tabata
* 7 minute workout
* Simple walk
* & others

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