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Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety Relief

100% free. No ads. No in-app purchases.

Anxiety Relief is designed from personal experience with anxiety to help you find calm. With six different tools and a gratitude journal, it has a suite of options for every need.


Whenever you feel anxious or nervous, press the panic button and Anxiety Relief will provide a series of exercises to help you find calm and a state of relaxation.


One of the most fundamental exercises for achieving a state of calm is breathing. In for 3, hold for 4, out for 5, or choose breath lengths that suit you. Just breathe and it will get better!


With an ever-expanding database of over 300 quotes, you are sure to find one that inspires and motivates you. Reach that goal, overcome that nervousness or become a better person - it's all possible with the right motivation.


Write about things you are positive about and things you're grateful for. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend or grateful for something someone has done? Record it here - science says it helps with anxiety and even with sleep!


Create a collection of photos that make you happy so that every time you need a boost, you can glance through a selection of them. It's so calming!


Anxiety Relief is also available on watchOS. Do a quick breathing exercise, phone a friend or review happy place photos on the go.


View today's quote or your recent affirmations from the Home Screen. Smile at photos from your Happy Place or launch your favourite tools with ease.


Brilliantly, all these tools are accessible via Siri Shortcuts so you can begin any of these exercises with just your voice. How easy!


Track how long you spend being calm and mindful in combating your anxiety with direct integration to the Health app.


The app also includes:

- Affirmations
- Drawing
- Phone a friend


Anxiety Relief has been designed from the ground up based on my own experience with anxiety and the tools that helped me overcome it to reach a place of calm. This means every individual feature within the app has been fine tuned to help you - whether you're experiencing a bout of nervousness or a panic attack.
Kara Robinson