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Anti-stress breathing

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Anti-stress breathing

In just five minutes, our anti-stress breathing will help reduce stress and anxiety naturally. Stop wasting your time and come and discover the best breathing exercise: cardiac coherence.

Simple and ergonomic, the anti-stress breathing (cardiac coherence process) application will help you obtain the natural benefits of our anti-stress breathing for your health.

In addition you can change the duration of your sessions, the basic session is set to 5 minutes for 30 cycles, but you are completely free to choose the duration you want and the cycles will be calculated according to the duration you have chosen .

In order to guide you better, with each inspiration there will be a sound of inspiration and it will be the same thing for the expiration. So you can practice even without looking at your screen and where you want!

Finally, the music is exchangeable and you can choose other or if you prefer not to put it is also possible.

Why will you have to make cardiac coherence?
Cardiac coherence is a quick and effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, and also allows long-term control of emotions.
The goal of cardiac coherence can not be simpler, just breathe by following cycles of 5 seconds of inspiration for 5 seconds of expiration. On the other hand, if you want to change that you can in the application. You can even change the inspiration and expiration time to the second you want to tailor the application to your needs. In the long term, cardiac coherence brings significant benefits as for the practice of meditation. Among other things, there will be a reduction in the symptoms of depression and a reduction in blood pressure.
For the immediate many effects will be felt, that's why the practice of cardiac coherence to many followers.
Here are some of its immediate effects:
- Physical and mental appeasement.
- Increased amplitude of cardiac variability.
- Low cortisol (stress hormone, many negative effects at a high rate).
- Increased secretion of DHEA (anti aging).
- Improved memory and coordination.
- Increased secretion of serotonin and dopamine.

Cardiac coherence is an excellent introduction to meditation, but also a very good complement to it.
Ideally, it is recommended to do 3 sessions of cardiac coherence a day, it is 15 minutes of practice. It is really little considering the benefits of the practice of it. For example, you can have a morning wake-up session before going to work, another one at lunch time to mark the break, and a last one at night to relax your day.
Finally these are only our recommendations, it is up to you to build your own program according to your needs and your desires.
Do not forget the many benefits of the practice, it will allow you to keep a motivation constantly not to relax the practice.
We sincerely hope and wholeheartedly that the application will please you, it has been designed with simplicity and beauty to satisfy each of our users.
We remain at your disposal to improve our application, so do not hesitate to contact us and especially to leave a note to thank us for the work on the application.

Trial version and in-app purchase: the trial version of the application is limited to 3 days, if it has convinced you you can acquire the premium version in the application store as soon as you wish.

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