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Annikken Andee

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Annikken Andee

Annikken Andee allows Arduino users to connect to the micro:bit, Arduino 101 as well as the Annikken Andee Bluetooth add-on shield for the popular Arduino platform. You can now easily create touch interfaces, display data and uses phone functions (GPS, Gyro, Camera etc) without writing any iOS code.

Annikken Andee makes the life of an Arduino programmer much easier by transforming their iPhone, iTouch and iPad into a "Touchscreen" for the Arduino Microcontroller. Makers/Tinkerers/Hackers can quickly extend the control of their Arduino inventions to their iOS devices and build bigger and better projects!

You can now use your Apple Watch to control your Arduino!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Annikken Pte Ltd