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Learn what your health and fitness goals should be, and how to get there.

Analyzer looks at the health and fitness metrics you measure and provides personalised target ranges for them. With the Daily Update and Notes, Analyzer will help you keep track of every aspect of your health.

Health data is from the Apple Health app and access can be adjusted at any time in the Health app.

Daily Update
– Summary of yesterday's health and fitness on metrics you are measuring.
– Tap on an insight to see more detail: Comparisons to recommended guidelines; Progress of the last 7 days; Your progress in perspective; Next Steps to improve; and Feedback to show how you are feeling.

Apple Watch
– Quick overview of the current day's Step Count, Heart Rate, Calories Burned, Calorie Intake, and Sleep.
– The emoji will let you know how your day is going.

Analyzer gives insights into these data types:
– Step Count
– Walking & Running Distance
– Cycling Distance
– Sleep
– Stairs Climbed
– Heart Rate
– Exercise Time
– Workout Time
– Stand Hours
– Active & Resting Energy
– Dietary Energy
– Weight
– Height
– Body Fat Percentage
– Lean Body Mass

The first five are free, the rest are unlocked by one In App Purchase to upgrade to Premium.
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