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Amounts ~ Personal Expense Tracking

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Amounts ~ Personal Expense Tracking

Amounts is a simple and easy to use expense tracker designed to help you stay on top of your expenses.

Enter new transactions in seconds. Just add an amount and select a category. If you want to be more specific you can add an image and description.

Create Places from your most visited locations to enter transactions with just one tap. Access places from your Apple Watch or using the 3D Touch shortcut.

Customize your own categories to track specific areas of spending. Examine how your spending changes over time using the many different charts and graphs. Easily see where your money is going.

Tons of icons and colors allow you to personalize your categories to your preferences.

Free Features:
- Fully customizable categories (Icon, color and name)
- Fast transaction entry
- View spending trends weekly, monthly or yearly
- See your highest spending categories at a glance
- Daily notification reminder to help keep you on track

Pro Features (Available via in-app purchase):
- Unlimited Categories
- Export categories to CSV
- Find old transactions easily with full text search
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