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Amino Acid Guide

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Amino Acid Guide

Learn, Quiz, Repeat.
- This is a great tool if you are just starting out and need to learn about amino acids, or if you have lots of experience and want a handy reference with you wherever you go.

- Browse through each amino acid and learn about its specific properties. Use the provided diagrams to learn the functional group structure of all 20 amino acids.
- There are many data points available from Codons and Polarity, to Molar Mass and Density.
- 3D animated Ball and Stick, and Space Filling models; 2D Structure, Simplified and Functional Group images, help you learn the chemical structure of each amino acid.

- Test what you have learnt wherever you are.
- 8 quiz types (more coming): 2D structure, Functional group, Three letter code, Single letter code, Polarity, Essential, Simplified structure and Everything.
- Includes a free set of questions, then an In-App Purchase unlocks unlimited questions.

- Multitask! Take advantage of slide-over and split-view multitasking on compatible iPad models.
- This lets you look at your notes from class while you quiz your knowledge.

Apple Watch:
- Learn everything about amino acids, right on your wrist.
- Daily Amino Acid, a fun Glance to see a new amino acid every day and keep you motivated to learn.

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Axton Pitt