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Amgen Migraine Voice Journal™

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Amgen Migraine Voice Journal™

Amgen Migraine Voice Journal™ from Amgen is powered by the Apple ResearchKit, allowing you to participate in a medical research study focused on individuals who suffer from migraines to assess how migraine attacks correlate with activity level measured by the Apple Watch and a mobile app. Amgen is conducting this study to help researchers develop new ways to understand migraine headaches. This mobile app will be used to track an individual’s migraine for this study. Subjects will receive an Apple Watch and an Amazon Echo Dot to be used for the study. The Echo Dot is a novel two-way voice-based conversational tool that will be used to receive instructions to answer study related questionnaires, and request information during the study.

Key Features:
Record and Track:
- Headache
- Activity duration and pain intensity
- Physical activity (steps) through your iPhone and Apple Watch
- User Location through iPhone and Apple Watch
- Headache symptoms
- Headache triggers

Provide a daily assessment of your headache status:
- Identify the impact of a migraine on your physical functions

Provide a monthly assessment of your migraine:
- Identify the functional impact of a migraine
- Complete the Migraine Functional Impact Questionnaire (MFIQ)

View, Print and Share:
- 30 day calendar report
- Month over month comparison report
- Symptoms and triggers trends

Receive reminders and notifications about:
- Logging your headache
- Daily and monthly questionnaires

To join this study, you must meet the following criteria:
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Reside in the US
- Have an existing diagnosis of Migraine
- Shouldn’t have participated in the Amgen Migraine Tracker study

HealthKit Data Access:
The mobile app will read the following fields from the HealthKit with your permission:
- Steps
- Heart rate

Even if you satisfy the eligibility criteria, it is possible you might not be selected to enroll in the study for various reasons. These reasons include the study being stopped, not being selected by the medical monitor, or enrollment having hit the maximum number of participants.

This mobile app has an Apple Watch extension allowing users to record migraine episode duration and activity (steps) information.

This mobile app is for research use only and not intended to provide medical advice.

The Amgen Migraine Voice Journal™ is made available by Amgen Inc. Amazon is not a sponsor of this study.
Amgen Inc.