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American Funds PlanPremier401k

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American Funds PlanPremier401k

It is not meant for other account types, including American Funds IRA or 529 college savings accounts investors.

If you’re not sure this app is for your plan, contact your employer.

Use this app to:
View key account details such as:
• A personalized estimate of your monthly retirement income
• Your personal rate of return
• Balances across investment options
• Summary transaction history
• Future contribution allocations
• Beneficiaries (if available)
• Access and download plan forms
• Upload documents to request certain account changes
• View your investment lineup
Make changes to your account, as allowed by your plan:
• Update your contribution amount
• Adjust future contribution allocations
• Exchange between funds or rebalance your account
• Manage your beneficiaries
• Enroll in your plan
• Update your profile, including communication preferences, username and password.
• Request a loan and view active loan information
Since 1931, Capital Group, home of American Funds, has helped investors pursue long-term investment success.
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