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Amemil is an application that uses augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to represent real-time rainfall information.
The AI tells you when strong rain clouds are approaching, and you can check them as realistic images through the camera.

* Main functions and features
- Amemil has three modes: "2D" for map display, "3D" for AR display, and "Satellite Eye" for a bird's eye view of the weather from above.
- Rainfall information is a composite of JMA radar data, with a resolution of 250m mesh, and is updated every 5 minutes.
- Rainfall notification is a push notification with voice (Saori Onishi and Ari Ozawa) and radar video when rainfall is expected at registered points or at the current location within one hour.
- In 2D mode, rainfall and lightning information is displayed in 13 shades, superimposed on the current location marker and map.
- The AI learns from meteorologists' explanations and provides information on temperature and rainfall conditions in the user's vicinity, as well as forecasts for the future.
- In 3D mode, rainfall information for a 10km radius is combined with the camera image as an animation of rain clouds, rain, and ripples in puddles. You can read the amount of rainfall by indicating the target direction. It can also play the sound of rain according to the intensity of the rain.
- The "Satellite Eye" function allows you to view rainfall conditions across Japan, and by moving your iPhone, you can experience a realistic image as if you were looking at it from a satellite.
- There is a demo mode that recreates heavy rainfall that has led to disasters in the past.
- If you register as a member for 0.99 US dollars per month, you can use the rainfall forecast for the next 15 hours and GPS tracking mode.
- You can post a video and image of the screen you are viewing with AR to SNS. If you post it, you can use the paid rainfall forecast and GPS tracking mode for 3 hours for free.

* Support for widgets in iOS14
You can check the umbrella index, the rain forecast graph for the next 15 hours, and the weather radar map of the surrounding area on the home screen at any time.

* Support for Siri shortcuts
- Ask Siri, "What's the rain coming? and Amemil's AI will reply with the weather conditions in the area.

* Support for Apple Watch
- Notifies you of approaching rain with animation.
- The rain radar is displayed on the map and zooms in when you tilt your wrist.
- Precipitation probability, satellite image, and precipitation forecast can be added to the watch face.

* About Monthly Membership
Price and duration of the monthly membership
0.99 US dollars / 1 month (counted from the date of application) / automatic monthly renewal
You will be charged to your iTunes account.

* Details of automatic renewal
Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel the auto-renewal more than 24 hours before the end of your subscription period.
You will be billed within 24 hours before your subscription expires.

* How to check your membership status and cancel your subscription
You can check your membership status and cancel your subscription from the following page.
[ Settings app > Apple ID > Subscriptions ].
You can check the timing of the next auto-renewal and cancel/set the auto-renewal in this page.
You can also check the timing of the next auto-renewal and cancel/set auto-renewal from iTunes.

* Cancellation for the current month
We do not accept cancellations for the current month for monthly memberships.

[ Notes ]
- If you want to use GPS tracking mode, please set location access as "Always allow" and "Turn on App background update".
- The 3D mode is not available on iPod touch without a camera or a compass.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Provided by Shimadzu Business Systems Corporation (JMA Forecasting Service License No. 65)
Shimadzu Business Systems Corporation