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AMA Buddy

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AMA Buddy

AMA Buddy lets you leverage your Life Time Fitness Active Metabolic Assessment data every time you exercise with your Apple Watch.

Watch app features include:
* View your heart rate zones
* View your warm-up steps
* Record and track your current metabolic heart rate zone while you work out.
* Calculate calories burned using your metabolic levels

iPhone app features include:
* Enter your metabolic assessment test information
* Active Metabolic Assessment workout history
* Graphical metabolic analysis of your workouts

AMA Buddy completely integrates your metabolic workouts with the Health app and contributes to your Activity Rings on the Watch and iPhone. Health integration features include:
* Writing Active Energy data
* Writing cycling distance
* Writing walking and running distance
* Writing workout data
* Reading heart rate and distance from your watch

AMA Buddy is not affiliated with Life Time Inc.
Robert Signore