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Altimeter Universal

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Altimeter Universal

Altimeter Universal is a GPS based altimeter and speedometer for the Apple Watch, all iPhones and iPads (Universal app).

This lovely designed app displays the current altitude and speed/coordinates in realtime.

The main idea behind this app is based on simplicity and usability!

*** Highlights ***

- Realtime display of the altitude in Meter
- Realtime display of speed in mph as well as latitude and longitude
- Apple Watch additionally with Map-Display and Tracking of the actual position
- No active data connection needed (ideal for other countries)
- Beautiful designed user interface (see screenshots)
- Universal App - runs on Apple Watch, all iPhones and iPads (Universal)

Altimeter Universal is the App for measuring Altitude, Speed and is perfect for backpackers, cyclist, skiers etc.

Another feature is that the App is also perfect for emergency situations with a precise position measurement with latitude and longitude details - on all 3 Devices!

The app design on the Apple Watch is 100% designed like the App on iPhone and iPad and has even more functions such as Map-Tracking!