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Turn your iPhone and AppleWatch into a real-time altimeter and barometer. You can now know your altitude and barometric pressure anytime anywhere. Good for any applications in outdoor activities, such hiking, camping, mountain climbing... etc. You can know the altitude at your location immediately by your iPhone or AppleWatch now.

Well-design and simple relative altitude measurement function, that still works even you have left App and then re-enter again.

The unique sea-level barometric pressure measurement can correctly help you to know any change on barometric pressure at your location, no matter what elevation you are now. The sea-level pressure reading will basically match you saw on the weather map downloaded from weather forecast website, but now you don't need any internet connection.
So, it's also good for the applications of meteorological observation or personal weather forecast.

Support all 11 types of complications on the watch face of Apple Watch.
By uniquely using the built-in barometer, you can now sense the altitude where you are directly from the complications on the watch face of your apple watch, you don't need actually enter in the watch App.
That also greatly saves power because no GPS operation needed and again you don't need any internet/network connections.

** App/Complications for AppleWatch only support AppleWatch S3, S4 model that equipped with built-in barometer hardware.

- Real time measurement on the current/relative altitude. The relative altitude function still works even leave and re-enter App.

- Real time measurement on the current/sea-level barometric pressure where you are. Unique altitude-independent sea-level pressure measurement, suitable for meteorological observation or personal weather forecast.

- No internet network connection is needed, purely relies on built-in GPS/barometer hardware on iPhone/AppleWatch.

- No wireless connection with iPhone is needed on Apple Watch. Both iPhone/AppleWatch can work independently.

- Support all Apple Watch Complications. (11 types)

- No high-power-consumption GPS needed while altitude measuring on Apple Watch Complications.

- Support 2 units (meter/feet) on altitude, 3 units (hPa/inHg/Torr) on barometric pressure.
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