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Alti-Barometer uses your iPhone’s or Watch’s air pressure sensor to track your altitude and weather-related barometric pressure changes.

Unlike other altimeter/barometer apps, Alti-Barometer runs in the background and continuously keeps track of your altitude and barometric pressure. In a class by itself, Anti-Barometer’s innovative BaroTrak feature continuously compensates for changes in altitude without using power-hungry GPS or Internet access - a first for any mobile altimeter/barometer. Say goodbye to altimeter “drift” due to weather-related changes, and spikes in barometric pressure readings and false storm alarms whenever your altitude changes. BaroTrak’s innovative algorithms redefine expectations for mobile barometer/altimeter performance.

Because of its unique ability to efficiently collect and analyze pressure data continuously, Alti-Barometer shows you altitude and barometric trends and statistics over a 24-hour period using beautiful, fully-interactive graphics on your iPhone or Watch.

Alti-Barometer also supports all Watch complication styles as well as iOS widgets to keep you up to date with altitude and barometric pressure trends at a glance.

Alti-Barometer includes a configurable Storm Alarm to notify you of large changes in barometric pressure. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the app’s climb and descent logs as well as real-time vertical speed and altitude trend reporting.

The app also provides full CSV-compatible data export and import so you can save a record of a hike, climb, or that big storm, and view and analyze saved data any time.

We developed Alti-Barometer for one simple reason: we missed the altitude/barometer functionality of our dedicated ABC (altimeter/barometer/compass) watches. We couldn’t find an iPhone or Watch app that even came close, and we decided to create something even better!

Whether you’re a casual user, hiker, climber, or weather enthusiast, Alti-Barometer is your ideal weather and altitude tracking companion.

(For Apple Watch Series 3 and higher and iPhone version 6 or higher. Alti-Barometer does not require internet connectivity or GPS to function).
Bog Bridges LLC