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Alti-Barometer uses your iPhone’s or Watch’s air pressure sensor to track your altitude and weather-related barometric pressure changes. Alti-Barometer can run independently on your iPhone, on your Apple Watch, or in combination. Alti-Barometer supports all Watch complication styles as well as iOS 14 widgets.

Unlike other altimeter/barometer apps, Alti-Barometer runs in the background and continuously keeps track of your altitude and barometric pressure. This enables Alti-Barometer to show you trends and statistics over time and to display a continuous 24-hour graph of altitude and pressure. The app also allows you to interactively explore your data.

Alti-Barometer includes a configurable Storm Alarm to notify you of large changes in barometric pressure, and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the app’s climb and descent logs as well as vertical speed and altitude trend reporting. Unique to Alti-Barometer, the innovative BaroTrak feature automatically compensates the barometer for changes in altitude and minimizes altimeter “drift” due to weather-related changes, all without using power-hungry GPS location services - a first for any mobile altimeter/barometer.

We developed Alti-Barometer for one simple reason: we missed the altitude/barometer functionality of our dedicated ABC (altimeter/barometer/compass) watches. We couldn’t find an iPhone or Watch app that even came close, and we decided to build something even better!

Whether you’re a casual user, serious hiker, or weather enthusiast, Alti-Barometer is your ideal weather and altitude tracking companion.

(For Apple Watch Series 3 and higher and iPhone version 6 or higher. Alti-Barometer does not require internet connectivity or GPS to function).
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