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ALTCAL® 2023 Calendar Agenda

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ALTCAL® 2023 Calendar Agenda

AltCal can be used a digital organizing hub for busy people who need to manage multiple calendars, manage files and make personal and family plans that help them keep up with the Work from Home Lifestyle. 

With the new 2023 calendar edition

• Import your other calendars and sync when needed.
• Your Day displays of all the moving parts in your life.
• Plan your schedule and get timely reminders.
• Your availability is clear and ready for your free time
• Capture new tasks and thoughts throughout the day.
• Stay organized and productive.
• Make family lists, track orders and deliveries. 
• Store web links and social media handles.
• Use the share links to inform family or friends.
• Check off reminders, tasks and completed items
• Stylize all your ideas, events or plans with photos.

Manage your daily focus while placing subscriptions, invitations, ideas, important meetings and appointments all in one place. AltCal does the work of multiple apps including calendars, to do lists, schedules, task managers, reminders, invitations, and event planning. Just tap and touch to speak or fill in all kinds of information.

We’ve made it easier to keep and organize all the information you come across each day. A simple click of the share button and the AltCal icon will bring information from your text selections, messages, emails, photos, screenshots, and files straight into a new or existing event.

This simple page assists you with 3 simple tap, type or speak options to name your idea or theme and the option to assign a date and time. Then you can preview and at any time or choose to make an edit with the full advanced features on the multi-use AltCal page.

Download the AltCal personal calendar and schedule your time. Start something new and commit to your goals.

AltCal is the new private 2022 Work & Life app that reimagines how a personal calendar can be used for creating schedules, saving your ideas, event dates and making plans. 

The One Page Color Format helps each day run smoothly. Ideas, Tasks, Appointments, Meetings, Digital and In Real Life experiences can be saved all in one place.

• A 24 hour day is displayed as an open format which allows you to plan outside of a box. 
• No more limits of time boxes and grids. 
• Design your day view with colorful images, notes. 
• Invite others to join your schedule, stay in the know, or join a specific moment.

The daily planner pages have simple to use design with voice and tap touch features to map locations, upload invitations, school schedules, kids activities, fitness plans, meal recipes, images and screenshots for you to manage in a central feed which can be shared at any time.

Stay Informed- Don't miss out on hobbies, sports, get togethers and gatherings. Also use AltCal for podcasts and watch lists for TV, Film and Live Streaming entertainment schedules.

Find Balance between Work and Family life and still discover time for yourself. With the help of the advanced AltCal menu options, search and tag options its easy to identify and highlight incomplete ideas, unconfirmed and upcoming event dates.
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