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Alphanumeric・A Game of Counting Letters

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Alphanumeric・A Game of Counting Letters

Alphanumeric is a game of counting.

If given the question A + 3
...Just "count" the alphabet starting from "A", three letters more.


A, B (1), C (2) D (3)...

So D is the answer, because A + 3 = D

It gets harder.
Given F - 1, you'd go backwards from F, one place, to E.

F - 1 = E

NOTE: If counting would take you past Z, or backwards before A, just wrap around. 

So, Z + 2 = B


Harder questions get more points.

 If you miss one, you'll be deducted points.
The faster you choose the correct letter, the more points you'll earn!
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