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Alphabeats offers people who care about their mental fitness a new routine for wellbeing and excellence. While listening to your favourite music, our technology helps you relax, sleep better, meditate or just calm your mind. Whether you love Ed Sheeran, Metallica or Mozart's Fantasia in D Minor, we're here for everyone.

While you're listening to your favourite tunes, we apply a gentle audio layer that constantly responds to both the music you are listening to, and the biofeedback signals we're measuring (such as breathing and heart-rate patterns). This process trains your body and brain to relax and slide into the alpha-state, also known as the state of wakeful rest.

All you need is a pair of headphones/earbuds, ten minutes of me-time and a Spotify or Apple Music premium account. If you own an Apple Watch or EliteHRV CorSense device, that's great. You can pair this to conduct the measurements. If not, no worries! Alphabeats was specifically designed to work with just your phone.

> Apple Music + Spotify integration for instant access to your favourite music
> Two types of audio feedback layers (binaural and intensity)
> An active breathing coach to boost your relaxation
> Song and playlist recommendations
> Continuous measurement of heart-rate and/or breathing patterns
> Breathing measurement just by using your phone
> Integration with Apple Watch and EliteHRV CorSense
> Dashboard to track your relaxation progress over time
> Insights into your measurements during a session
> Music profile to learn which types of music help you relax best
> Reminders and notifications
> Dark-mode

With your consent, Alphabeats can integrate the vitality data from your HealthKit (e.g. heart rate data) to provide you with a deeper understanding of how well you have relaxed throughout a session.

Alphabeats helps you to track progress, keep the routine going, and find your inner alpha each day, every day.

Anytime, anywhere, with any kind of music.
Alphabeats Works B.V.