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Alpha Squeeze

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Alpha Squeeze

Be your own trading coach and learn from your trades with this no-nonsense trading journal. Use the risk calculator to size your trades appropriately. Review trading statistics such as planned risk/reward ratios, r-multiples, win rates, and more for your entire journal or broken down by trading strategy. Extract the alpha hidden in your trades!

* Risk calculator helps manage risk
* Supports trades in USD, GBP, CNY, EUR, KRW, and SEK
* No registrations, no logins
* Automatic iCloud backups and syncing to all your devices
* Powerful journal filters and sorting
* Create an unlimited number of trading strategies
* Companion Apple Watch app shows you your most important statistics

Crypto traders: trading bitcoin pairs but thinking of your account in terms of dollars or euros? The risk calculator supports that! It uses the latest bitcoin price to do all the necessary conversions, so you don’t have to.
George Gonzalez