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Alpha Smart Control Unit

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Alpha Smart Control Unit

With application Alpha Smart Control Unit, Infrawave Cabin could be operated by integrated power box.
In addition to the safe on and off and setting the desired values (temperature).
Alpha Smart Control Unit lets you control additional settings, such as light, timer and various status queries such as current temperature, music, manage working percentage for heater elements.

It works by Alpha Smart Control Unit, in combination with the integrated power box.
The highlight of our application, operation is very simple, because almost exactly follows the logic of functioning optical and user interface Alpha Smart Control Unit fixed.
This controller used as a local response.
It is possible with the application of several infrawave cabins using multiple users can control a Alpha Smart Control Unit application.
Thus, for example, each family member to control infrawave cabin.

Important Notes
This application can be used only in combination with an integrated power unit and must be configured by the service technician.

In order to analyse and present information to you, Alpha Smart Control Unit relies on the ability to read your health data for heart rate from the Apple HealthKit database on your iPhone and Apple Watch.