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‘Allergency’ - stands for an urgent need for assistance or relief due to an allergic reaction or allergy emergency. The Allergency app is designed for Allergy Tracking, Emergency, Anaphylaxis SMS and Geofence location tracking to remind your medications.

"As seen in anaphylaxis campaign"

Finally, an app that responds to your food allergy emergency by sending SMS, alerting nearby people, keeps track of your location, all in just one TAP.

Got an Allergy that is not in the standard list of 14 allergens? You can double tap on standard allergies list inside the app to change to your own allergens and allergies.

ONE Tap to send a SMS text message to loved ones

ONE Tap to alert nearby people

ONE Tap to call emergency services from Locked Screen

Location alerts to remind you carry your Epipen

Know & Share your current location instantly with others if you wish

Show emergency message in Locked Screen

* Allergency is advertisement free.
* No in-app purchases.
* Free updates & features.
* Plus World class support & service if something is bugging your app!

Available in 28 languages, the app responds to allergy emergency by keeping track of your standard food & non-food allergies and by alerting nearby people, provides a geofencing alert to carry medications or even sends SMS Text messages to emergency contacts or calls emergency services even when your phone is locked!.

A no disappointment app for Allergy sufferers. Be safe during allergic reaction and anaphylaxis shock, made by food allergy developers. We understand what it feels like to have an allergic reaction and the importance to alert emergency contacts and emergency services. If your condition is extreme, emergency contacts procedure can be initiated by surrounding people.

Allergy mom or allergic kid or just anyone having food or non food allergy like us, you have come to the right place.

List of Allergy Emergency Alerts:

The app includes several alert types:

Geofence Alert:
App comes quite handy with geofence GPS monitoring feature to alert you whenever you leave your home location so you can remember to carry your EpiPen and adrenalin shots or any other allergy medications for Anaphylaxis and allergic reactions. All you have to do is to configure your home location & just let Allergency handle your alerts every time you leave that location.

SMS Alert:
Easily send emergency message to emergency contacts and emergency services by sharing your current location in your SMS text message in just one tap.

Lock Screen Alert:
Whenever you have allergic reaction, the lock screen widget can automatically detect that and show your customised emergency message so anyone including an emergency response medical professional or a nearby person can easily look into your condition and assist you in your anaphylaxis emergency.

Siren Alert:
Whenever you have allergic reaction, a single tap can display your allergy card medical id with a loud siren sound to alert nearby people. The screen shows your allergic medical id information along with allergies and emergency contacts. It helps to call your emergency contacts or emergency services immediately based on the information displayed in your phone screen.

Add own allergens + 14 Standard food allergens plus customizing option for your allergens and non-food allergens:

and more...

Got an Allergy that is not in the standard list? You can double tap on standard allergies list inside the app to change and create your own allergens and allergies.

** Privacy Note **

Your data stays in your phone and not shared anywhere else.

For Support and Feedback please write to us at: [email protected]
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