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AllContacts backup & duplicate

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AllContacts backup & duplicate

AllContacts is very useful utility application which helps users to create a backup of his/her contact very easily.
Additionally, this application also will help you find all the duplicate contacts and allow you to remove the selected one!
It allows sharing iPhone contact​ with a friend in iMessage.

Key Features:
- It shows total numbers contacts count.
- You can backup all contacts as well as selected contacts only too.
- It will generate vCard(VCF) file which you can share on email, WhatsApp by using Common Share Sheet.
- You can easily restore any VCF file by double-clicking on it on your iPhone,iPad, and iPod.
- You can share generated VCF file to any installed application like Mail, Gmail, Dropbox, Google-Drive etc.
- Interesting feature, you can also find all duplicate contacts by phone number and it will allow removing selected one!
- You can remove all or selected contacts directly from the app.
- You can
- Very attractive UI.
- Low size application.
- No-Ad​.

iMessage Feature:
- The user​ can send any contact to his/her friend in Message(SMS) itself.

All contacts shown on screenshots are a dummy!