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USA Invention Patent 10188312
TAIWAN Invention Patent I 601527
JAPAN Invention Patent 6575768
CHINA Invention Patent CN105979867B
RUSSIA Invention Patent 2671070
Ukraine Invention Patent 120610
Malaysia Invention Patent MY-175701-A

The purpose of this app is to spread health knowledge and methods as a health education system.


Five Elements FI spectrum analysis:
Future technology for health management, easy to learn, must-have for everyone and using AR measurement and analysis.

With parameters from analysis, the reports below could be produced:

1. Graphic report: Consists of 12S meridian energy health analysis, fluctuation energy health analysis, NLS 24D meridian and fluctuation health analysis, cell energy report.

2. Text report for prediction and analysis of fluctuation abnormality:
Early warn and prevent the imbalance of Qi and blood, and analyze the strength of body and health status from the past to now and to the future.

3. Twelve Meridian Energy Chart: Through the measurement data of the 12S dielectric parameters to see the change of weak and heat.

4. 12S meridian energy health analysis: 
Always fast analyze 14 meridians on a human body and compare interactions between five elements from before to after.

5. Fluctuation energy health analysis:

5-1 Spiritual Energy Conversion Force: Analyze the sounds received from outside of the human body and information from all sensory aspects to see whether effectively transform to the energy.

5-2 Fluctuation Polymerization Force: In daily diet, whether the nutrients and water consume can be absorbed evenly and converted or transformed effectively in every cell.

5-3 Negative Energy Balance Force: Whether the wastes and toxins derived from daily diet can be evenly metabolized and effectively excreted.

6. NLS 24D meridian and fluctuation health analysis: Apply high-tech 4D perspective model to deep into the world of a human body with 10 symbols, which explore energy in the human body to perform health care in advance.

7. Cell Energy Analysis: The energy state of cells is displayed in a color and image. Moreover, the results will compare to the previous measurement results to see its progression.

8. NLS unlimited fluctuation intervention and comparison database: Choose nutrition accurately, perform food care to keep body in balance, has fluctuation bandwidth of anything, cloud artificial intelligence, comparison of adaptability and property.

9. Fluctuation bandwidth:
Transcript frequency of any substance. Users may choose boosted spectrum code to transcript according their needs. It is combined with applied technology of passive modulation. Critical techniques include chips, antenna, wireless communication, data transform and encoding.

10. Spectrum Adjustment: Teach users to adjust the dielectric change of the meridian points by breathing training. There are five modes as following.

10-1. Five elements detection and resonance mode: Detect meridian points on a human body, increase efficiency of emitting dirty substance, keep balance of five elements resonance and strengthen healing abilities.

10-2 ALL1 exercise mode with swinging hands: Swing hands with qigong for fitness, keep balance of yin, yang, qi and blood, message with self-direction, manage middle meridians accurately.

10-3 Fusion: Detect meridian points on a human body. Analyze signals internally, adjust meridians, perform health care.

10-4 Quantum Entangled Recovery: Use AirPods to deliver audio of Gong Shang Jiao Zheng Yu. Audio frequency resonates to reach the balance of yin, yang energy from any direction.

10-5 Spectrum Transcription: Customise your healthy fluctuation and apply it to any health drink and beauty care product which has water molecule.

Note: The difference of 10-1 and 10-3 is that the way of changing dielectric for adjusting meridian points is different.