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Alien Watch

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Alien Watch


---------------- Important Notes ------------------
- Alien Watch is a Game designed Exclusively for Apple Watch,
- iPhone does not have to be in range for actual Gameplay.
- iPhone only is needed to change Ships and Game Center's Alien Watchmen WorldWide Leaderboard
- Get the Application in discounted price NOW! and enjoy our FREE! Fall upgrade where a more intense experience awaits you
Earth, 2199

Spaceships are flown by pilots using VR gear, loaded with Alien Watch® Software.

With worldwide peace on Earth, humans colonised Moon for military forces to stand as Watchmen for Alien Attack, which is mankind's greatest fear.

Alas, out of nowhere this fear became a reality.

At first the Alien Watch Communication Server fell down. Earth's Intelligence Agency considered this to be a Server System Failure and initiated an immediate restore, finding out soon that they were hacked and locked out leaving the pilots no way to defend Earth in case of attack.

At the same time a wormhole opened spawning myriads of alien ships and meteors in our Solar System.

Fortunately, a team of hackers managed to bypass the system and restore partial communications and control of the ships from a backup network and enabled partial control of the Ships using wearable technology

The link is weak, and sometimes is getting lost, but there is at least some hope.

The backup OS version is Alien Watch V2.2.
Konstantinos Anastasiou