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Alicia's Row Counter

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Alicia's Row Counter

A row counter for crochet and knitting projects. Whether you have a complex pattern that needs to keep track of multiple counters, or you just need to count to ten, Alicia's Row Counter's got your back!

Alicia's Row Counter is easy to use but feature-rich. Aside from the basic functionality of counting rows, it offers the following extra features:

*Group Counters: Create counter groups to increase multiple counters at the same time. Perfect for cables!

* Left-Handed Friendly: You can swap the increase and decrease button position from right to left.

* Alerts: Be alerted at the beginning of each repeat (optional). Keep track of how many rows or repeats you need to complete, and be alerted when you reach it.

* Start at 0 or 1: We all have a preference. Start your counter the way you like it.

* Stay Awake Mode: Keep the screen awake while you work (optional). No need to wake and unlock your device to operate.

*Full-Screen Counting: Zoom into a specific counter or group to count distraction-free.

* Quick Count" Don't feel like setting up a project just to count a few rows? No problem the quick count lets you just count.

*Notes: Add notes to remind you of pattern modifications or important details.

Alicia's Row Counter takes full advantage of your device:

* Universal App: Use it with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

* Sync Between Devices: Alicia's Row Counter uses iCloud to sync your projects across devices.

* Dark and Light Mode: Matches your preference for dark or light mode.

All features for free for two projects and 3 counters. Get the pro version for an ad-free experience and unlimited projects and counters.

Alicia's Row App was created by me, Alicia Ramirez. I'm a Mexican-Canadian independent developer. I'm also an avid knitter and crocheter.

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Alicia Ramirez