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AlcoGrip is the no-nonsense alcohol tracker for iOS. Using AlcoGrip, you can keep track of your alcohol consumption via your phone, or directly via your Apple Watch. Add your own drink presets or add consumptions manually, and gain insights in your alcohol usage. AlcoGrip automatically groups your consumptions in sessions, and you can see the consumptions you consumed in the past 24 hours, week, month, or since the start of the year. AlcoGrip will also remind you to keep logging your consumptions, since thinking about an app is the last thing you want to do when you're enjoying some beverages. AlcoGrip can also integrate with Apple Health and Shortcuts, and provide data about your consumptions.

AlcoGrip does not require any subscription or in-app purchases to work, once you got the app - it's yours forever.

AlcoGrip includes:
- Integration with Apple Health
- Integration with Shortcuts
- Automatic grouping of consumptions in sessions
- Manual consumption entry
- Consumption entry based on manageable drink presets
- Insights into your alcohol consumptions
- Set limits on your consumption (consumptions, standard units or grams of alcohol) per 7 or 30 days
- See you consumption in standard drinks (definitions for multiple countries are available, as well as a custom option)
- Companion app for Apple Watch to log consumptions from your wrist
- Automatic reminders to help you keep logging your consumptions
David van Erkelens