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Alchemist's Recipe

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Alchemist's Recipe

Let's look for your good idea hidden in you!

Everyone is a creator.
Every kind of new products are born by a human's idea

The difference between you and the person who thought is whether there is an intention to think.

But many people don't know a way of thinking.

"Recipe of renkinjutsushi" would indicate the way to think for you.
It isn't everything, but that's a first.

Those born from you, will be surely excited the world!

The feature
-One person brainstorming session
-It's also possible to register a picture as well as a word.
-The directivity of the brainstorming session is controlled by the Template function.
-A Update by shaken gesture stimulates output of an idea through a body.

I released 9 kinds of 'LINE Creator's Sticker'.(1 Sticker(40picture) x 9 = 360 ideas were needed.)
I released 6 kinds of iOS application.(One is an offer end.)
The way of thinking was made an application.
Yusuke Kimita