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Albums! – the perfect supplement to Apple Music. Albums! turns Apple Music into your personal music collection. New features make Albums! more than just a music player and more than an organization of your music collection. With Albums! you get the easiest access to your library and can experience listening to music without endless playlists.

Why do you need Albums!?
Are you thrilled by Apple Music? The extensive range of music is fantastic, but it’s too easy to lose track of your own music in the middle of so many songs.
Albums! helps to organize your library as easily as putting back your real CDs into the CD rack at home.

Are you trying to keep track of your large music collection? Albums! uses Apple Music to box your selection. You can bring together albums, playlists, and songs in each box. You decide when and where you listen to music.

Do you agree that music taste is personal and unique? Do you love legendary albums of rock, special jazz, or classical recordings, and have special editions of your albums or titles? Music albums have artistic and personal value, and Albums! honors these two dimensions. This is why Albums! outweighs simple playlists: your highly valued albums can regain a worthy place once again.

Do you want quick access to your music even if you are not at home? The Albums! Play Box presents your favourite music and you can access it directly. Albums! allows fast access to any artists and albums either directly or by Auto Boxes that fill automatically.

Do your kids grab your mobile to listen to their favourite audiobook or songs? Then just set up their own Box filled with their much-loved songs, audiobooks, and playlists.

And if you are fond of recalling wonderful moments, Albums! remembers where and when you listened to music. It can even connect your music with photos you took at that time and place.

With Albums! you can:
- skip to the next song or next album, whatever you like
- move forward and backward 10 seconds
- browse through your music collection by using the appealing animated Albums! Music Box
- organize your personal library into Boxes using powerful tools
- automatically fill your Boxes from your library using the Auto Box Function--for example, all albums of the current year or your favourite artists
- allow Auto Boxes to return you to your listening preference for a particular place or time
- listen to the same song or at the same spot on each album after a break (ideal for audiobooks)
- access predefined boxes, like the “Top 5” and “Here and Now“ Auto Boxes
- quickly tag your current favourites
- NEW: Special car mode with huge controls and a map to check traffic
- NEW: Add Internet Radio Stations
- utilize extensive search functions (full text, for covers or maps)
- present your current playlists with starting to play and search function
- view cartographical presentations of your listening habits and music
- integrate your music with You Tube videos
- share your music selections by email
- disable songs on albums that you don’t like
- use the app alongside the Apple watch
- integrate 3D Touch usage: for example, play your current favourite album directly from the Albums! app icon
Heiko Mueller