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Alba Mind

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Alba Mind

Alba Mind is the first app to make self-care social and fun!

The app has a collection of tools that are easy to use, don't require a big time commitment, and have social aspects at their core.

Our mission is to make the world a happier place, while breaking down the barriers which stop people talking to others about how they're feeling, and what they're going through!

Add your thoughts, worries, and problems into the app. Use Alba Mind's clever tools to help you forget about them almost instantly.

After writing a worry, in one tap you can use the wonders of AI technology to turn that worry upside down, and into a positive affirmation. You can also create action plans for dealing with your worries using the same AI tech!

Add your friends and loved ones onto your Mood Widget, and get live updates of their mood, directly from your homescreen.

Share how you're feeling to the anonymous community within the app - our community is just so lovely and will offer you emotional support, advice, or even just an ear to listen.

Keep an emotion diary by using one emoji a day to best represent your mood. Alba Mind will send you a reminder notification, and you can add your mood simply by replying to the notification - you don't even need to open the app.

Browse our collection of pre-vetted wellbeing professionals and coaches, and ask them questions directly. You can also view an entire library of guidance that they've previously given to others.

AI progress tracking uses your journal entries to make accurate predictions on how you're currently feeling.

Every aspect of the app is designed to make self-care and wellbeing feel fun, personal and easy. We've combined innovative features with beautiful design and a seamless user experience. You'll start to genuinely enjoy taking care of your wellbeing.

The founder of Alba Mind created this app after his own struggles with stress and low-mood, initially at university, and then in the business world. The techniques Alba Mind is based on are what helped him get through some of his most difficult times. He is therefore extremely active amongst our community, and just an email away if you ever need any help or support.

[email protected]

Thank you all so much and we can't wait to hear about the many ways our app helps you. - The Alba Mind team.

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