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Alba Mind

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Alba Mind

Reduce anxiety, stress, and enjoy a happier life by keeping a worry journal! Alba Mind is your new mental health management app, modelled on one of the most proven and successful CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques - Worry Time, as well as the practice of Journaling.

By taking a different approach to dealing with your negative thoughts, you can literally rewire your brain to cope better with anxiety, stress, OCD, and even depression. This app can truly change your life.

Use Alba Mind as a safe place to vent out your worries, stresses, and negative thoughts. Then once per day, go through them all one by one, deleting ones which no longer matter (you'll be surprised by how often this will occur!), or adding an Action Plan/notes for ones which are still bothering you/ones you can do something about.

By following this proven method of thought management, you'll be able to bring mindfulness to your negative thoughts, and start breaking free from the constant cycle of repeating and irrational worries. The result? You feeling happier, more relaxed, more productive, and better positioned to take on life's challenges.

**The Alba Mind practice is recommended by therapists and doctors globally**

**Alba Mind has been recommended to patients by NHS staff**

"I deffo don't know what I'd do without this app anymore, it's seriously almost strange how much this practice will reframe your whole mindset" - Timmy

"Thank you is all I can say.. things have been tough atm with everything that's going on and this app has helped me get back on track" - Giulia

- Write and manage your worries all in one place, think of it like a negative thought journal.
- Schedule a specific time every day to go through your thoughts, and you'll get a notification. You can think of this time as a form of worry meditation.
- Swipe through your worries in a fun and engaging way, a simple swipe up will delete any you no longer need.
- Add an action plan or notes for any worries which are still bothering you, they then get added to an Action Plan section.
- Personalise the app with calming sounds and different colours.

Every aspect of the app is designed with our users in mind, so adding and reviewing your thoughts feels fun, personal and easy. We've combined innovative functionality with beautiful, customizable colours and sound effects. You'll start to genuinely enjoy taking care of your mental health.

Our app will be ad free FOREVER, and due to the current mental health crisis, we are launching the app completely FREE for a limited time.

The founder of Alba Mind created this app after his own struggles with mental health, initially at university, and then in the business world. The techniques Alba Mind is based on are what helped him get through some of his most difficult times. He is therefore extremely active amongst our community, and just an email away if you ever need any help or support.

[email protected]

Thank you all so much and we can't wait to hear about the many ways our app helps you. - The Alba Mind team.
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