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Alaska Plane

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Alaska Plane

Are you brave enough to take captain’s seat on Alaska Plane?
Do you feel lucky to survive your trip among high mountains, falling icicles and clearly blind pilot fellows?
If your answer is yes, we have a plane reserved for you.

Your regular flying route is extremely dangerous. Mountains are high and sharp. Icicles are falling constantly from sky. Seasons and weather conditions vary. Other planes are returning from their trip and they do not dodge you.

Collect stars and coins during your trip. Stars are valued for one point and medals are valued for two points. If you are good enough, you will be awarded with bronze, silver or gold medal of honor after your trip.

Tap and hold the device touch surface to fly the plane. You must tap the device to keep plane flying. If you stop tapping the gravity will fall your plane to the ground.

When game ends, you can start new game by pressing play-button on the screen.

This game is also available on Apple TV and Apple Watch!!!

Thanks to from original game idea Tappy Plane.

Kenny's artwork for Tappy Plane |

Sounds (parts, remastered):
Plane Engine: TRANPlanePropSpin_01 by wellalbee1
Plane Crash: 17 lower-leaf by jig
Star&Coin Collection: coin_4 by soundnimja
Rain: More Rain by mlaramie
Icicle smash: big smash with glass break by drewkelly

Code snippets: Tappy Plane
GitHub: SoundManager by nicklockwood
Kamuli Software