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Akasha Meditation

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Akasha Meditation


Akasha offers guided meditations and deep reflections designed to help you open your heart, enhance everyday mindfulness and creativity, relax, energize and transform your life.

Much more than a traditional mediation app, it is also a unique self-coaching, whole-hearted living tool for self-help, empowerment and success. Akasha Meditation is a synthesis of East and West.

It calms, improves focus, confidence and well-being, and is an effective tool to reduce anxiety and stress in personal life and work. It also helps develop resilience in everyday life to help weather day-to-day challenges.

Akasha uniquely blend positive practices, mindfulness and meditation. An excellent app for beginners as well as seasoned meditators.

Akasha offers meditations and in-depth master class exercises in Five Element categories:

Fire: Love and Desire
Earth: Harmony, Balance and Stability
Water: Flow and Productivity: Being Effective
Wood: Creativity and Innovation
Metal: Success and Accomplishments

Each contains 7 modules with themes such as love, success, creativity, productivity and balance. They represent different areas of your life, but all are interconnected.

Master class exercises guide you to:
Think: Questions prompt you to think about details or events in your life.
Dive Deep: Digging deep within yourself to find insight or a point of learning.
Transform: Turn grains of insight into a Pearl of Truth, proof of your personal improvement.

* Built-in Tutorial Video and Online Questionnaire: Not sure where to start? Our questionnaire will help find a module that best suits your needs.

* Free Access to Fire Element Module One: “Love and Desire: Hurt Love.” Establish a starting point for reconnecting to love.

* Personalized Progress Tracking: Akasha is with you every step of the way! Track and monitor your progress. Set and reach your personal goals. See far you’ve come!

* Apple HealthKit Integration: Keep track of your heart rate during sessions.

* Daily Reminders help keep you on track

* Each element contains 7 meditations and 7 master class exercises. All are downloadable for offline use.

"Bringing together the best elements from East and West, Akasha has the power to change lives." – L. B., Psychotherapist

"I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the material. It's a welcomed, fresh outlook on life! Akasha is an app I look forward to using to again and again for my own personal growth." – J. Y., Audio Engineer

"I always wanted to meditate in order to gain more mental stability and focus and was never able to commit - until I found Akasha. Using this app has dramatically increased my ability to concentrate and get my work done. It’s truly amazing!" – A. S., Wedding Photographer

Try before you buy!
Free: First Fire Element Module meditation and master class exercise (“Hurt Love” – 40 minutes).

Each Element contains 7 meditations and 7 exercises of varying lengths. There is a one-time cost of $3.99 USD to download each Element. Or, unlock them all for a one-time fee of $19.99.

The only non-subscription-based meditation app in the App Store, Akasha contains no hidden, monthly or annual fees.

Prices are for customers in the U.S. Depending on your country of residence, they may be converted by the App store to local currency.

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Take the time to #OpenYourHeart with Akasha.
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