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aka is an UNOFFICIAL Telegram client. Due to using Telegram API, it can give you the best experience possible in messaging and you can chat with more than 200 Million people from all around the world.

Fast, Synced, Unlimited, Secure, Powerful, Reliable and Private messaging is only a part of the benefits you can get from aka.

Nothing makes a popular, fast and safe messenger like Telegram better than a free and high quality video call feature. With aka you can have video chat with your friends, easier than ever.

if you want to be sure about the security, you can use secret chat feature because it uses 3 world class encryption methods.

For making things easier, aka filter your chats based on their type and you can reach them through bottom tabs in the main page.

Access all your files from any place and any device since all your data is saved on secure, free and unlimited cloud storage of Telegram.

Do you want to login with more than 3 Telegram accounts? You can login with up to 6 accounts with aka.

You can login and start using aka in less than a minute. So download it now and say hello to the real messaging experience.

We are effortlessly trying to improve aka and adding more exciting and useful features to app.

Thanks for supporting us.
Aboobaker Sideeq Ariyal