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Aithre Connect

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Aithre Connect

The Aithre Connect app is used to manage Aithre hardware devices for use by pilots in the general private aviation space. The Aithre Connect app includes a WatchOS companion app.

SMART OXYGEN SYSTEM. The Aithre Avi smart pulse system is controllable with a push button and also using the in-app user specified settings. Merely by opening the app the oxygen endurance is substantially increased by adjusting the volume of oxygen to the pressure altitude of the cabin. Additionally, the app enables selection of automatic oxygen on/off modes based on pressure altitude, carbon monoxide levels, or pulse oximetry levels; the oxygen flow will start and stop automatically based on these settings. The Avi further includes smart pulse technology to enable oxygen conservation during flight by timing the delivery of oxygen to inhalation.

PORTABLE OXYGEN TANK MONITORING. The Aithre Altus is a wireless enabled portable oxygen pressure monitor that puts oxygen tank pressure readings on your iOS and WatchOS device. Notifications are provided for low pressure levels and a reminder is provided to turn off the oxygen on landing. The PSI can also be displayed on glass panel avionics, including G3X and Dynon when used with the Aithre Shield EX3.

PULSE OXIMETRY. The Aithre Illyrian is a wireless enabled smart pulse oximeter with red/infrared dual channels that can be worn on the center forehead or under the earlobe for continuous readings even with movement and activity. Using a flat, low profile sensor pad and simple USB power, the Illyrian oximeter broadcasts pulse rate and blood oxygen data to your iOS and companion WatchOS. The data is presented in real-time and in a trend graph including up to 12 hours of data - along with pressure altitude information. Notification is provided for drops in oxygen percentage. The pulse oximetry can also be displayed on glass panel avionics, including G3X and Dynon when used with the Aithre Shield EX3.

CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR. The Aithre Shield is a wireless enabled carbon monoxide detector that is highly sensitive and portable. CO levels and trend data is transmitted wirelessly in real-time to your iOS and your WatchOS device and to your paired aviation headset for intuitive SIRI notifications. The carbon monoxide data can also be displayed on glass panel avionics, including G3X and Dynon when used with the Aithre Shield EX3.

TURBULENCE. The Aithre Connect app further monitors acceleration in any direction and plots the max acceleration/g-force every 12 seconds. This historical acceleration data is useful in determining the comfort of your passengers during flight or for monitoring g forces during aerobatic flight.

TRIP HISTORY. When used with the Illyrian and/or Shield devices, the trip history feature keeps health and CO data for each trip. These trips are accessible within the app and as external CSV files (spreadsheet files).

AITHRE BEACONS. View near-real-time conditions for precision 3D coordinates in space as reported and provided by aircraft. The turbulence is shared automatically via the included in-app turbulence monitor. Aircraft with the installed Aithre Metis weather system also contribute near-real-time temperature, humidity, and dew point levels from actual flight recordings. All data is anonymous and private and there is no login ever required.

AITHRE ASSISTANT. This assistant enables quick speech based lookup of frequencies for airports, airport information, and runway information. Quick airport frequency lookups and ATIS can be asked for and provided via a paired aviation headset.

CHECKLISTS. Create custom checklists for quick access and readout via your paired aviation headset. Quickly review and check-off items to support safety of flight.
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