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AirRecipe is a shooting app for use with the Olympus Air A01 open platform camera.
Simply select a shooting recipe and you can easily shoot with shooting settings of the selected recipe.
You can shoot while checking the live view of displayed on the screen of iOS device and Apple Watch.
Geotag is added to the taken photos.
* Before you start the app , please connect Air A01 to your iOS device in Wi-Fi connection.

(1) Single shooting
Air A01 automatically detects shooting scenes and applies optimal exposure control.

(2) Burst shooting
You can take continuous photos at 10fps for 1sec.
You can capture a series of movement, or the moment in the movement of the subject.

(3) Clip recording
You can take a short clip(short movie).
Clip length is applied the stand-alone settings.
* Multiple short clips can be combined and rearranged into a single short movie by using Olympus official app(OA.Clips).

(4) Bracket shooting for HDR photo
3 photos for HDR composition are taken withe following settings.
- Shooting mode : A(Aperture priority) mode, F8
- Exposure compensation : -2.0, 0, 2.0
* ISO speed, White balance and Image quality mode settings are applied the stand-alone settings of Air A01.

(5) Moon shooting
Shoot the moon clearly.
Place the moon in the middle of the live view, and shoot by fixing your Air A01 with tripod.
* Recommend the use of a telephoto lens with a focal length of more than 150mm.

(6) Silky waterfall shooting
Shoot the flow of water of the waterfall with slow shutter setting(1sec) in order to express as silk.
Use a tripod to fix your Air A01.
* Recommend attaching a ND8 filter to the lens.

(7) Fireworks shooting
Shoot the fireworks with slow shutter setting(4sec) in order to express it to dynamic.
Use a tripod to fix your Air A01.

(8) Illuminations shooting
You can beautifully capture the illuminations which decorate the night.

Recipes will be added in future updates.

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Haruhito Fuji