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[Airead] is an intelligent hardware management platform for Beijing Hanwang Lantian Technology Co., Ltd.'s "Blue Sky No. 1 Air Purifier" and "Hanwang Haze Meter" series products. This is an era where the network spreads to every corner, and this is also an air quality intelligence. The era of management. [Airead] realized the interconnection and interaction between mobile phones and purifiers, and detected air quality and purified air.
[1] Linkage control, simple and easy to use, smart device and mobile phone interconnect and interact.
[2] Real-time detection of air quality around the purifier, more classified historical data waiting for you to analyze
[3] Multiple modes for you to choose, the humanized design is only for the pursuit of a healthier life
[4] Air detection equipment can be added to check your home air environment in real time
[5] Provide the outdoor air and weather conditions where the equipment is located, and comprehensively sense the surrounding weather environment
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