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Produced under supervising of Hijiki Ikuyama, Guinness record holder & the only professional jump-rope athlete in Japan!!
You can do jump-rope exercise, which is one of the most effective workouts to lose your weight, anytime and anywhere once you get this app!

*Apple Watch is required to use this app.
*This app works on iOS from 13/iPhone from 6S/Apple watch from Series3/WatchOS from 6.0

*This app can make a sound that makes you feel like jumping with rope!
*You can choose a jump-rope soundtrack from 4 options including Hijiki Ikuyama's jump sound.
*Counting up every 10 times and announce with voice.
*You can set your body weight on your iPhone to get a more practical result of your exercises.
*This app automatically submits your number of times of jumps and calorie result when you finish your exercise.
*Automatically stops when 2minutes passed with no jump.
*This app works in the connection with Healthcare. This app obtains a BPM and calories via Apple Healthkit, and then record them onto Workout. And this app is adapted for reading and writing weight data.

[How to use]
Step1) Put on your Applewatch.
Step2) Start the app.
Step3) Tap the note on the upper left when you want to choose the sound type.
Step4) Tap the screen. After the "Ready" message changes to "0", counting starts.
Step5) Now, let's jump making circles with your arms as if you jump with a real rope!!
Step6) When you finished your workout, tap the surface again. The result will be displayed, and automatically be submitted to your iPhone.