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Do you know how effective a jump rope is to improve your fitness?
And now, you can do it anytime, anywhere, without any equipment but this App!

Many athletic people now recommend a jump rope in their SNS, blogs, or articles, etc.
A jump rope requires using your whole-body muscles and circulation systems, so you can work out effectively in a short time.
It is said that a 10-minute jumping rope burns calories as much as 30-minutes jogging.

But as you can imagine, you can't jump ropes in your living room.
You need to go outside, or if you want to do it inside, you may go to the gym.
It is one of the biggest reasons that your exercise will not continue, isn't it?

No worries!!
With this app, you can do a jump rope anytime, anywhere!
You just need to wear your Apple Watch, tap the screen, and jump!!

"Anytime Jump" will count your jumps, and show the calories you burned based on Apple Healthcare.

"Anytime Jump" can make you feel as if you are jumping real ropes by sounds, and it counts your jump by voice every 10 times. So, you don't have to count by yourself or check the screen while jumping!

Now, let's download "Anytime Jump" and start to integrate effective and casual exercise into your daily life!

※ We recommend Apple Watch series3 or later for this app.
※ This app obtains a BPM and calories via Apple Healthkit, and then record them onto Workout. And this app is adapted for reading and writing weight data.

[ Features ]
This app can count and record your jumps.
This app can draw calorie results from Healthcare.
You can set your body weight on your iPhone to get a more practical result of your exercise.
This app counts up your jump by voice every 10 jumps.

[ How to use ]
Step1) Put on your Apple watch.
Step2) Start the app.
Step3) Tap the screen.
Step4) Now, let's jump making circles with your arms as if you jump with a real rope!
After exercise, your result will automatically be submitted to your iPhone.