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Air Horn LOUD

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Air Horn LOUD

Air Horn LOUD is LOUDER than other air horns in the store! It's LOUD!

Air Horn LOUD! Turbo Double Horns Edition includes *6* different realistic Air Horn sounds! It's TURBO COOL and now you can record videos of your horn celebration or even sleepy sneak attacks!

Tap on the horn you want, and shake to make it LOUD!

Shake harder to make it LOUDER!

You can even slide your finger from one horn to the next or tap 2 horns at the same time to make them both play together.

Great for sporting events, graduations, or waking up your sleepy friend. He's supposed to be up making breakfast for somebody anyways!

One of the horns sounds similar to the vuvuzela, another sounds like a fog horn, and yet another sounds like a trucker horn.

Based on airhorn.wav guitarguy1985
Green Mango Systems, Inc