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AGXR Attune

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AGXR Attune

The AGXR Attune app is compatible with the following hearing aids:
AGXR T-series
AGXR N-series

The AGXR Attune app lets you control your hearing aids directly from your mobile device. You can change programs, and make simple or more advanced sound adjustments and save them as favorites. The app helps you learn what you can do and how to do it. It can even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. Last, but not least, you can have your hearing care professional update your hearing aid programs and send you new hearing aid software without taking a trip to the clinic.
Notes: We recommend that the hearing aids run the latest software version. If in doubt, please contact your hearing care professional.
AGXR Attune mobile device compatibility:

Please consult the AGXR app website for up-to-date compatibility information:

Use the AGXR Attune app to:
• Enjoy optimization anywhere with Audigy Assist: Request help with your hearing aid settings from your hearing care professional and receive new settings and software updates.
And use these direct control and personalization options:
• Adjust volume settings on your hearing aids
• Mute your hearing aids
• Adjust volume of your Audigy streaming accessories
• Adjust speech focus as well as noise and wind-noise levels with Sound Enhancer (for selected programs and hearing aids)
• Change manual and streamer programs
• Edit and personalize program names
• Adjust treble, middle and bass tones to your preferences
• Save your preferred settings as a Favorite – you can even tag to a location
• Help locate lost or misplaced hearing aids
• Tinnitus manager: Adjust sound variation and frequency of the Tinnitus Sound Generator. Select Nature Sounds. (Features available in your hearing aids if enabled by your hearing care professional.)

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