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Agender, gay social network

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Agender, gay social network

Agender for all genders. Open-mindedness is sexy.

Agender wants you to go out. Find new gay places, enjoy the best gay events in town, use the chat tool in the application then meet another Agenders in your city.

Agender is not another boring dating application.
Agender is for everybody (with a brain). It’s a social network for all LGBTQ people, but not only.

Let’s be open and friendly, it’s 2017 and it’s damn time to break the walls (and ice!)

Agender lists all the places where you can have fun, whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight, queer, transgender, cisgender…
It also displays an exhaustive clubbing agenda (from commercial to underground) and a selection of cultural events.
Agender is also an open network where you can express yourself, share pictures, comments, websites… anything you want – as long as it remains convenient and respectful*. You can also have private chats with other Agender users.

The best european cities are now available :
Paris, Barcelone-Sitges, Berlin, Londres, Bruxelles, Madrid. We’re actually working on new destinations (coming soon).
Whether you are a tourist or in your own town, meet other Agender users.
Agender will make you move and meet new friends with same tastes/centers of interest. Let the experience begin!

*Frontal nudity and porn are not allowed on the community wall.
Julien Grunberg