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Again-Run ride walk record

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Again-Run ride walk record

Again is an exercise and fitness APP, as well as the social platform of exercise lovers. It can be used to realize professional exercise recording and analysis function, participate to all kinds of interesting exercise and competitions. There are many exercise lovers here. Join us and get exercise together, you will embrace happiness and become even stronger.

The application provides nine language systems: there are English, Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and multiple languages real-time translation function.

Function Characteristics:
- Exercise data recording, accurate recording of exercise results -
When running and riding, it can make a real-time recording of the distance, speed allocation, speed per hour, stride frequency, consumption and altitude change, and accurately draw the detailed path on the map and have it recorded. During the process, you will be informed of the real-time data of the exercise by a human voice. After the exercise, it not only records your exercise data but also share your exercise data, pictures and thoughts via WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter for a communication with others.

- Discovery and community make the exercise stop being boring -
There are various interesting topics for you to discuss, numerous knowledge articles and fitness experience for you to discover, a variety of activities and competitions for you to participate in. In here, you can learn the exercise achievements that others share. You can also share your own exercise achievements with more friends in the community and make more friends. Of course, you can easily find other exercise lovers in the same city and enjoy exercise with them.

- Perfect personal system allows you to see your progress -
The "Personal Center" specifically records all exercise data and body data of users, you may check them whenever and wherever you want. The exercise level and medal system offer users encouragements during exercise and help them to constantly challenge themselves, to motivate their potentials and conquer themselves to become stronger.


Warm prompt:
When applying the recording of running or riding, the backstage will initiate the GPS positioning function, which will decrease the battery life. But the GPS positioning function will not be initiated when such recording keeps unused. Meanwhile, we will keep optimizing the algorithm to realize better power saving effect.

The application supports Apple Health application and can synchronize your exercise data to it after being authorized.


To learn more information, please follow and contact:
Sina Weibo: @Again运动
Facebook: @Again8x
Beijing Crater Network Technology Co., Ltd.