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Aerne KNX Home

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Aerne KNX Home

Get started with Aerne KNX Home!
Start with creating as many Rooms you want.
Once the Rooms are defined - Tab on it you can create as many scenes you want.

Inside those scenes, you can define a bunch of KNX Commands.
Supported Datatypes are 1bit and 8bit (1byte).

Swiping to the left will allow you to delete (rooms/scenes/commands).
A longpress on a Room/scene/command will allow you to move it to the position you want.

Apple Watch:
If you're running this App on a iPhone, the App will create automaticly a Room named Apple Watch. In here, define up to 4 scenes. These will show on the Watch once you press the "Request Config" button on you're watch, or by restarting the App.

The App needs a KNX Router installed! Contact you're local KNX Dealer for more information. Please make sure that the Router supports KNX Routing Protocol.
Pascal Nyffenegger