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AED Alert

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AED Alert

With the HeartsafeLiving app you can participate in organised neighbourly assistance, which can reduce the mortality rate from sudden cardiac arrests. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. Only a very rapid resuscitation, within six minutes, can help. HeartsafeLiving is dedicated to organised neighbourly assistance, anywhere and at all times. As a volunteer you can save people’s lives by participating in HeartsafeLiving.

In case of an alert, the HSL system can determine where volunteers are. This way only volunteers that are in the vicinity of the patient are alerted. In case the app is not activated, HSL alerts the volunteer via SMS based on the registered private or work address.

Operation of the app
In case of a sudden cardiac arrest available volunteers in a radius of 1000 metres around the incident receive an alert. The number of volunteers that receive an alert depends on their availability. Alerted volunteers are requested to reply to the alert. This way we track the number of volunteers that will go to the call. When a sufficient amount of volunteers have accepted the alert, the others receive a cancellation message. This way there are never too many volunteers on scene.

The deployed volunteers receive the location of the incident or the AED, including a route description. Volunteers that retrieve the AED receive a PIN, or use a key to open the AED cabinet. New types of cabinets can be remotely opened from the dispatch centre.

Features of the app
- Login via Facebook
- Timeline where you can see your recent calls
- HSL Identitycard (identification at the incident)
- See AEDs nearby
- Spot AEDs (tip us!)
- Achievements out of your area
- Alerting via the Apple Watch

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.