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Advance daily

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Advance daily

Boost your productivity with a new habit and beat procrastination!
Try to remember, how many really big goals you have set within past few year and how many of them were achieved. If there are few or even none, maybe it is a good idea to try some new approaches towards increasing productivity. This app offers one of the simplest, yet very effective in many cases approach: set goals each day only for the next day, and complete them.

What this app does?
Advance daily app encourages you to set small goals and complete them the next day, repeating this two steps each day, week and month. Ideally, it should become a new habit.

How does it work?
The idea of the app is simple, yet powerful: make one used to setting small task only for a fixed period - for the next day, and then complete them.
One of the most common mistakes, which causes procrastination is concentrating on big goals, which cannot be achieved within few days, this causes so called delayed reward, when the brain understands, that the result wouldn't come soon (if it would be at all), and it is much more energy efficient to postpone the required actions at the best of times. And here is how this app allows to trick the lazy brain: it encourages to stick only to small goals, which can be achieved within minutes or hours so that the reward delay is negligible. Completing these small tasks and therefore getting feeling of satisfaction as a result can easily become a strong habit. So eventually it won't cost much effort to follow this algorithm each day, but in few months/year you will be surprised to discover, that many of the big goals are achieved.

What this app doesn't?
Advance daily doesn't allow you to chose the date for the task, the planning is done only for the next day. There are 3 reasons for that: first, the easier is approach, the faster it become a habit, so completing tasks, which were planned few weeks ago can never become a habit. Second reason is the threat to become tricked by the brain again, when small tasks are postponed for far future. And finally, planning small tasks for far future can be pointless, since everything can change by that time.
This app also doesn't prevent you from cheating: the approach with daily small tasks works only if you mark task as completed when it is really completed.
Finally, this app doesn't work, when it is just installed on your iPhone/iPad and is not used at all.

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