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ADOC-H("Aid for Decision-making in Occupation Choice" for Hand) is an application to facilitates client to encourage participation in rehabilitation goal setting process for their hands.

For the clients who became accustomed not to use their hands, it is important to encourage not only “moving" their hands but also “using" them. However, it has been difficult for the clients to continue their rehabilitation because of the lack of their understanding to it’s purpose. This is the reason why we developed ADOC-H.

By choosing illustrations on ADOC-H, clients and occupational therapists can decide on goals. ADOC-H can also measure the satisfaction for each chosen occupation, and can print out the document as PDF.

ADOC-H is available on iPhone and iPad. Therapists can also check daily schedule of a client on Apple Watch.

*ADOC-H is an application developed with our experiences accumulated on our first product “ADOC”.

*ADOC-H is jointly developed with ADOC project, the group of occupational therapists in Japan.
Kounosuke Tomori