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Apple WWDC 2016 Scholarship Winning App

How many times have you used a translator and forgot the foreign word immediately after? Adicty solves the problem! Save translated foreign words, efficiently learn English, French, or Russian language! Do language training with your saved foreign words! Clip associations to words for better memorising! Save the words in offline mode, add your own translations! Expand your vocabulary!

Apple Watch: quickly revise your last saved foreign words. Add new words with voice. Receive detailed reminders with foreign translated words.

Today Widget: look through saved foreign words, get translations with one touch. Instantly open the app for translating new foreign words and looking through translations and synonyms of the saved words in English, Russian, or French language.

iOS 9 Spotlight search: find and revise the foreign words by typing synonyms, associations or translations right from your Spotlight search.
Ramiel Galimov