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AddressBook GPS

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AddressBook GPS

ABGPS adds your GPS location to your Contacts cards.
ABGPS opens your favorite navigation app* directly from the device address book.

ABGPS is available in free version and pro version **

More generally, ABGPS allows all uses GPS coordinates in collaboration with the functions of your iPhone that allows you to accurately find your parking spot or Jack ski chalet…

1/ obtaining the current position (or input known coordinates), now possible from the Apple Watch**
2/ obtaining the postal address from the GPS coordinates (requires Internet connection)
3/ save GPS coordinates in Contacts **, the address book of the device, and sync via iCloud
4/ saving and sharing links with ABGPS, Google Maps and Apple Maps
5/ sending coordinates to a navigation application* from the app or directly from Contacts**
6/ simplified backup of a temporary GPS point** (a parking space for example) and navigate to it
7/ sharing by sms, email, …

* Apple Maps, Google Maps, Mappy GPS, MAPS.ME, MotionX-GPS, Navigon, Navmii, Sygic, TomTom, Waze.

** Limitations of the free version (Pro version available via in-app purchase):
- saving GPS coordinates in Contacts limited to 5
- fast management of temporary GPS points unavailable (the points acquired from the Apple Watch are therefore unusable)
- opening an abgps:// link from a third party app (including Contacts app) not available
ROUGIER Benjamin