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Hello! We are here for you.
Control your accounts and meet your financial needs using the ActivoBank mobile banking app. You just need to be connected to the world via Wi-Fi or Celular network!

Operations you can perform with our App:
Check your account:
- Keep track of account balances, transactions, BIN, IBAN and Swift Code (and send them by e-mail)
- Monitor your assets
- Check your savings and securities account
- Create, Increase and withdraw your savings
- View Account Statements (PDF)
- Perform Bills’ Payments (and tax payments)
- Transfers to national accounts and abroad (within SEPA area)
- Top-up your Mobile Phone
- Pay your credit card bill
- Change Credit Limits and Payment Date
- Request Cash Advance
- Top-up your Pre-paid cards
- Simulate and apply for personal loan and mortgage

The application access is protected with PIN code or Touch Id. The device is registered individually and assigned to your profile. The communication between your device and ActivoBank is carried out through secure and encrypted channels to make sure that the communication remains confidential. All transactions that may affect your assets are validated through your Multichannel Code.
The use of this service when in Celular network, may imply data communication costs. Please consult the prices charged by your mobile operator.
Language: Portuguese and English

ActivoBank Mobile: a Bank that plans everything to simplify your daily activities

Requires iOS 7.0 or a more advanced one
Banco ActivoBank (Portugal), SA