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Activity Rings+

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Activity Rings+

Wish it were easier to see whether you’ve met your Stand Hour yet? This app uses your HealthKit data to offer complications for your favorite Apple Watch faces that show your Activity Rings, plus a Stand Hour circle to show whether you’ve already earned it at a glance.

Note: If the app is missing on your Watch after purchase, go to the App Store on your Watch to install. (Scroll to the bottom, click Account -> Purchased, and tap the download cloud next to Activity Rings+)

In the app, see a quick view of your Move/Exercise/Stand data and your familiar Activity Rings, with an added indicator showing whether you've met the current Stand Hour. Also see today's Steps at a glance—no more scrolling down to interpret your activity data! Tap the screen to switch to percentage view or Calories/Minutes/Stand Hours remaining.

On newer Apple Watch faces (Meridian, Infographic, California, etc.), you can add complications that feature your Activity Rings with an added stand indicator that illuminates when you've met the current stand hour.

On older Apple Watch faces, (Breathe, Modular, Colors, Simple, etc.), you can add a Stand Indicator that will be colored solid if you've met the current stand hour or will be a hollow outline if you still need to stand up.

Note: Complications refresh in the background as often as Apple permits. Tap the complication to open the app if you'd like to refresh the data immediately. Your Stand Hour will always clear at the start of the next hour, so if you see Activity Rings+ lit up, you'll know you've hit it.
Brandon Wallace