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Active Orbit is a fun and easy to use tracking app that monitors your minutes or activity - walking, running, cycling - and awards you Orbits which convert to Orbit Rewards. You can redeem your Orbit Rewards via the app for discounts, special offers and free gifts in exchange for your “heart minutes” of activity.

It is currently only available to individuals as part of an employer subscription or via our regional sports charity partners.

One Orbit is earned every 10 minutes of brisk walking.
10 Orbits will earn you an Orbit Reward!
Search the app to see where you redeem your Orbit Reward - with shops, businesses and clubs near where you live (support local businesses) or with our national brand partners.

Key Features:

- We help you to create new, healthier habits around activity by incentivising you to move more through the day
- The app will encourage and support you to get outdoors for brisk walking every day, with simple nudges and notifications
- You can set your daily targets via the app, building up your active minutes over time
- Frequent rewards to keep you motivated and inspired to move
- No need to turn on or off : the app will track away in the background throughout the day and measure how many minutes you move.
- Check back in regularly to see your progress and see how many Orbits you’ve earned
- Use the app to search for reward partners to redeem your Orbit Rewards.
- Be part of our Orbiteer community, and discover hints and tips for a healthier lifestyle


We all know how important it is to be active - but knowledge and willpower alone isn’t enough. The Active Orbit app incentivises you with real world discounts and savings in the form of Orbit Rewards - which are awarded to you in exchange of your minutes of activity.

- as you move more each day, you will get your heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular health
- brisk walking is a great way to lift your mood, clear your head and make you feel more positive and energised
- over time, the health benefits will accumulate with daily brisk walking being scientifically proven to lower your risk to a wide range of diseases and illnesses
- we will support you to meet and exceed a target of 150 heart minutes of activity each week: a level of activity which is proven to improve your physical and mental health and longevity of life
- it’s easy to get started and motivate yourself with a simple starting target of one Orbit per day (10 minutes’ of brisk walking.)
- Start small and increase your targets over time. Active Orbit is inclusive and everyone is welcome!
- Keep moving! The move you move the more rewards you’ll earn!

The Active Orbit app relies on your phone’s inbuilt sensors to measure your daily activity, so its accuracy may vary depending on the make/model and age of your device. To improve the accuracy keep your phone in a pocket close to you body rather than in your bag or a loose coat pocket. You will be prompted to consent to allowing the app to monitor your movement and location for better accuracy and verification of your activity. We welcome your feedback as we will be improving and adding to the features of our app continuously in the months ahead - email us [email protected] we love to hear from our Orbiteers!