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Active Week

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Active Week

Are the same, static activity goals, day in and day out, not cutting it for you? Let Active Week automatically set and track your daily health and fitness goals. Setting and chasing goals is what keeps us motivated to be active and exercise. But Fitness Goals must be dynamic, rewarding us if we get ahead and pushing us if we fall behind. Your goals should not be the same every day!

Enter Active Week. The app automatically and dynamically sets daily goals for you to help you stay on top your weekly health, fitness, and activity goals. Every day, Active Week will set new daily goals for you, based on your goals and your previous activity.

Active Week integrates with the Apple Health app, which means you can use Active Week with any fitness tracker that syncs with the Apple Health app, including Apple Watch.

Active Week analyzes your health and activity data for the entire week, let's you know when you've earned a day off or if you've fallen behind and need to step it up, and reveals trends in your data. Active Week lets you know exactly what you need to do each day to stay on track.

Active Week shows how far you are from your goal in real time; beautifully visualizes your data with interactive charts; draws trend lines for your health data; calculates your daily average for the current week and the last seven days; provides a historical perspective letting you see how you've been doing week-by-week for the last year; offers customizable, rich notifications; let's you enable, disable, and re-order the data points that matter to you; allows you to switch between a dark or light theme.

Active Week does not require an account. You don't need to sign up, or log in, or even have an internet connection. The app is 100% secure; your health/activity data never leaves your phone.

Active Week supports goal setting and tracking for the following data points (with more to come): Active Energy, Walking/Running Distance, Exercise Minutes, Flights Climbed, Mindful Minutes, Steps, Water, and Workout Minutes.
Franck Reyherme